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out of character;

「Backtagging / Threadhopping / Comments Whatever」 Do whatever! I honestly don't care as long as it makes sense. (If you're threadhopping, please drop a line to say you're doing it so I know to expect you!)
「Offensive subjects?」 Again, don't care! Please just keep in mind that she is ten years old and will therefore react rather childlike to adult or profane materials.
「Is there anything you do no want mentioned around this character? || Fourth Wall Breakage?」 Nope! Feel free! There's not much to 'fourth wall' due to the fictional setting but I'm okay with either.

Kaede's NEXT power is the ability to copy another person's power after physical touch (by skin or through clothing; bumping, handshakes, etc. can cause a reaction). If physical interaction happens, are you alright with Kaede temporarily borrowing your character's ability? She loses the ability to use it when she touches another with a different power or on its own.
Note: This does not affect the character's own usage of the ability.

If yes: she may accidentally flare up later in the thread or when useful.
If no: we'll blame it on youth and inability to control her power and that she's not adapting to 'other' powers!

in character;

「Hugging / Kissing / Flirting / Fighting / Injuring / PHYSICAL CONTACT」
A-okay within reason! (Please see powers and contact mentioned above.) Godmoding/powerplaying aside, it's perfectly alright to cause reasonable damage to this poor ten-year-old girl. (I'm horrible, this is A-okay.)
「Telepathy / Mindreading abilities?」 Go for it! It's not like this ten-year-old has Fey-styled psychelocks. Just let me know ahead of time.
「Triggers?」 In terms of children and sexuality, I'd like to avoid putting her in any sort of sexual situation involving her directly. I'm okay with playing out darker plots but only if there's a good reason for it.
(Kaede walking in on naughty times, however...)
「Other Magic?」 Go for it!

「Anything Else?」
Overall, I'm pretty laid-back and willing to RP almost everything as long as it has a reason or fits a plot or storyline being played out. Please just contact or let me know if you want to do or play something out that's not mentioned or not clear on the list. If there's anything else, just drop me a line! I'm sure we can work something out!