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Kaede Kaburagi @ [community profile] hiddenbygods

Canon: Tiger & Bunny
Age: 10
Appearance: one; two; three;
Canon Point: Episode 25, before the year skip

Payment to Yubaba

1. Her mother
2. Barnaby rescuing her
3. Kotetsu missing her skating recital
4. mad bears (stuffed animals - she argued with her father over him trying to get her one)
5. Maverick's gun
6. Her grandmother hurting her back
7. Copying the magnet NEXT
8. Her father snooping through her room
9. The reason she went to Sternbild
10. Rotwang

New Name: Maple. Maple. "Kaede" means "Maple leaf".

Detailed Information:
Ten years old and with an attitude to boot, Kaede is a rather precocious child. She's already in that tween-ish phase where idols and pretty heroes matter more than stuffed animals and weekend cartoons. Part of this could attribute to Kaede being rescued by Barnaby shortly under a year ago, but it's also because she's growing up in a day and age where kids learn to be independent and mature faster than they should. However, even with these very mature moments, Kaede's still just a child. She gets fussy when she can't find her favorite stuffed animal, enough that it'll have her annoyed for an entire day and snapping at everyone about it. When she's disappointed, she lashes out and pouts about it later. She still loves everything pink and bright, and she still insults her daddy over every little thing. At that odd place between child and adolescence, Kaede has her strong moments of acting out both.

Spending most of her time growing up without a mother and lacking direct parenting from her father, she's pretty much attached herself to her grandmother. Her grandmother is the closest thing she has to a parent, since she lives with and is raised by her, so anytime something happens to her, Kaede tends to get overly worked up. Her mother died when she was young, and her father left shortly after, so she actually goes near panicking when she's even faced with the idea of losing her grandmother. Thankfully, recent events have assured her that her father, even though he's a little far away, will never be too far to still love her and want to care for her (but a little assurance goes a long way).

However, being ten, she also doesn't listen to her guardians as much as she should. She's an only child, and her father tends to spoil her with things and bribe her into toning down her attitude. From going out of his way to buying a mad bear to buying a magazine with the autograph of her ultra favorite super hero ~Barnaby~, Kotetsu does little to teach Kaede to be more grateful of the things she gets. But thankfully she treasures the things she does receive. She's not a very wasteful child, just a bratty one.

It's a good thing she's grown up with wonderful morals, though! Her grandmother raised a hero in her father, and the two of them are easily raising a girl who knows right from wrong and fights for her own beliefs. It's enough that Kaede will stand for what she believes in and investigate things on her own. The prime example is when her father was 'wanted' for murder, and Kaede hurried to Sternbild, by herself, to try and clear his name. Not only that, but while being held hostage by a corrupted man, she risked her own safety in order to use Blue Rose's borrowed powers and help the other heroes. It definitely put her life at risk, numerous times in the same day! But Kaede can't sit still and wait when she knows she can do something. She's a very proactive child. A good mini hero in training, if anything. But she learns from the best.

Kaede's got the NEXT ability of copying another NEXT's powers. Because she's only ten, her ability to actually control this is very weak, but she tries her best. When she's focused and trying her best, she can get them to work in her favor, but she can't use them willingly for longer than a minute or so. Other times, they flare up unexpectedly or she has trouble controlling them in general.