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How's my Kaede? Like her? Hate her? Just want to drop a line?
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2012-02-29 12:01 am
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fais pas çi, fais pas ça )
Kaede's NEXT power is the ability to copy another person's power after physical touch (by skin or through clothing; bumping, handshakes, etc. can cause a reaction). If physical interaction happens, are you alright with Kaede temporarily borrowing your character's ability? She loses the ability to use it when she touches another with a different power or on its own.
Note: This does not affect the character's own usage of the ability.

If yes: she may accidentally flare up later in the thread or when useful.
If no: we'll blame it on youth and inability to control her power and that she's not adapting to 'other' powers!

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;game information [updated 6/16/12]

Residency: Bathhouse - Floor 2, Room 2
Position: House Keeping; Pay: 2 Silver, 25 Bronze
Current Earnings: 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 25 Bronze
Retained Memories: 0%

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2010-02-28 10:57 pm
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;character information

;m a p l e
Kaede Kaburagi @ [community profile] hiddenbygods

Canon: Tiger & Bunny
Age: 10
Appearance: one; two; three;
Canon Point: Episode 25, before the year skip

Payment to Yubaba

1. Her mother
2. Barnaby rescuing her
3. Kotetsu missing her skating recital
4. mad bears (stuffed animals - she argued with her father over him trying to get her one)
5. Maverick's gun
6. Her grandmother hurting her back
7. Copying the magnet NEXT
8. Her father snooping through her room
9. The reason she went to Sternbild
10. Rotwang

New Name: Maple. Maple. "Kaede" means "Maple leaf".

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